Kunzea Hand Sanitiser

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Kunzea Hand Sanitiser

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Kunzea Essential Oil 

Is a member of the tea tree family, uplifting and active with the ability to destroy germs, virus's as well as harmful bacteria on contact.

Li’Tya’s latest innovative product combines our most effective medicinal essential oils with skin nourishing Aloe Vera.

Kills 99.99% of Bacteria within 30 seconds.

The key element of sanitisers often causes drynes which can lead to sensitivity. The inclusion of organic Aloe Vera known to be hydrating, healing and repairing, counter balances dryness leaving your skin feeling nourished. Blended with Pure Australian Essential Oils, chosen for their known powerful antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Our Li’Tya hand sanitiser's leave your hands nourished and protected.

Choose between three highly active healing Australian plant essences which quickly and safely destroy airborne and surface virus's as well as harmful bacteria.