The sea and water element has historically been used for cleansing, purification, psychological and emotional healing. We are an ancient land surrounded by sea.  
A sea that is powerful, pure and potent in its nutrient rich kelp, seaweed, salts and collagens.  
Li’Tya’s “Of The Sea” skin care and treatments draw upon these mineral and nutrient rich extracts to provide a range that provides deep hydration, repair, cell renewal and anti-aging benefits. Paired with its exquisite aroma blends, our exceptional treatment journeys transport you to a place of cleansing and revitalization.
LI’TYA MIKIRI OCEAN RENEWAL (Name origin Diyari South Australia – means ‘Deep)  
Drawing on powerful nutrient rich marine elements to heal and strengthen the skin. Marine Collagen, Kelp, Marine Algae and Mother of Pearl extract work to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Mother of Pearl also acts as an anti-aging element due to its high content of essential amino-acids. A specially prescribed deep cleansing mask is applied to offer superior refining and clarifying of the skin whilst you relax with your choice of LI’TYA POLAMA Hand Massage or LI’TYA JINA Foot Massage. The powerful yet serene Aboriginal inspired pressure point massage for the face and shoulders will leave you completely relaxed before a second mask is applied to hydrate and soothe the skin whilst you receive the uplifting LI’TYA PAUDI Scalp massage to complete this ritual of serenity that will leave your skin cleansed, renewed, nourished and revitalized.
LI’TYA MIRRI OCEAN RENEWAL (Name origin Paakantyi New South Wales- means ‘Face)  
For skin revitalization integrating the use of marine nutrient rich ingredients including Marine Algae, Bull Kelp, and crushed Mother of Pearl. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated before being treated to LI’TYA’s deeply relaxing Aboriginal inspired facial pressure point and shoulder massage. To complete your therapist will apply your prescribed treatment mask to treat individual skin conditions whilst you relax with a LI’TYA POLAMA hand or JINA foot massage. Your skin will be left nurtured, nourished and renewed.

LI’TYA KODO Boorang (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Ocean Mist’)  
This rhythmic body massage is inspired by traditional Aboriginal techniques which work to balance and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body wellness. A combination of pressure points and spiralling movements ground and uplift, working to relieve muscular aches and pains while leaving the body renewed and refreshed.
This massage utilizes the wonderfully refreshing Ocean Dreaming Massage Blend combining Frangipani, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Clary Sage to relax the mind and evoke memories of the seaside.
LI’TYA Mala Mayi Kurrawa (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Food from the Ocean’)  
Unwind, relax and nourish your body with this complete anti-aging rejuvenation experience. To begin you will be energized and nourished with a complete Mother of Pearl body exfoliation before being cocooned in warm and vitamin packed Pearl & Kelp Body Mud which works to cleanse and deliver essential nutrients to the skin, whilst you enjoy an Aboriginal inspired LI’TYA PAUDI scalp treatment massage. You will then surrender any remaining tensions to a rhythmic LI’TYA KODO BOORANG massage to complete this truly renewing experience.
LI’TYA Yanko Murrumm (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Waterfall’)  
A refreshing and invigorating full body exfoliation therapy that integrates the native aromatic oils of Frangipani and Ylang Ylang and Australian Sea Salts to cleanse and purify the skin. A warm water massage washes away the stresses of the outside world, stimulating the circulation, soothing tired muscles, and leaving the body revitalized. Pearl & Peppermint Refining cream is then applied to complete the treatment leaving your skin feeling nourished, refreshed and alive.
LI’TYA OCEAN DREAMING (Means- ‘The Unseen Vibration of Creation’)  
In the beginning was The Dreaming, the unseen vibration of creation – the sacred source from where all things are. 
Nurture, renew and revitalize with our signature ‘Of the Sea’ spa journey to reconnect body, mind and soul, from head to toe and from outside in. The adventure includes LI’TYA Jina Kurrawa pedi, LI’TYA Mala Mayi Kurrawa, LI’TYA Kodo Boorang Body Massage, LI’TYA PAUDI Scalp Massage, LI’TYA Mirri Ocean Renewal Facial and LI’TYA MIJI HAND SEA SPA Treatments, all embracing traditional Aboriginal healing techniques.
Surrender yourself to the ultimate anti-aging, renewal and potency of this experience through the power of marine extracts, native plant essential oils and extracts, Tasmanian Sea Kelp and Sea Salts. Combining deeply therapeutic treatments with a healing approach, the skin of the face and body is cleansed, renewed, and nourished, tired muscles are nurtured and re-energized, and all the body systems are rebalanced and rejuvenated. Your body is left refreshed and your skin glowing with youthful radiance.
LI’TYA Mirri Murrumm (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Waterfall for the Body and Face’)  
A refreshing and cleansing full body and face wet room therapy. Skin smoothing exfoliation utilizing native aromatic oils of Frangipani and Ylang Ylang and pure Australian Sea Salts, exfoliates and purifies before allowing the warm water massage to wash away tension and awaken vitality. A hydrating facial treatment leaves the skin soothed and refreshed whilst a deeply relaxing LI’TYA PAUDI scalp massage and hair treatment with nourishing Quandong Hair Mask removes every ounce of tension. A complete ritual of tranquillity for body, face and scalp.
LI’TYA Lowanna Kurrawa (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Beauty from the Sea’)  
A deluxe pampering treatment that rejuvenates the face, hands and feet by integrating the LI’TYA Jina Boorang, LI’TYA Polama Boorang and the LI’TYA MIRRI Facial treatments. Designed to rebalance tired and stressed conditions, recharging the body and enhancing overall wellness and equilibrium. Face, hands and feet are treated with powerful marine nutrients and potent native plant essential oils and extracts to heal, smooth and restore vitality.

LI’TYA Jina Boorang (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Ocean Mist’)  
A wonderfully rejuvenating and relaxing treat for your feet. Beginning the treatment with a Jiga Jina foot soak rich in Vitamin C, your feet will be cleansed and purifyied. Using our ancient sea salts your feet will be scrubbed to stimulate and exfoliate followed by an application of our Pepperberry Pedi Mask to hydrate and nourish the feet. Our peppermint refining foot lotion is then massaged in leaving the feet feeling light, re-freshed and tension free.
LI’TYA Jina Kurrawa (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Beauty from the Sea’)  
Soak away tension and treat your feet to this wonderfully relaxing and grounding treatment. Start with a Jiga Jina foot soak to soften and prepare the feet for the application of our Ancient Sea Salts to exfoliate and smooth the skin. Our thermal Pepperberry Pedi Mask rich in nourishing and antibacterial properties is then layered over the entire foot area and left on to hydrate and smooth the feet. Once removed, our refining and cooling peppermint and pearl foot lotion is massaged applied with the LI’TYA JINA foot massage. Your feet will be pummelled to soften and remove hard skin and your toes nurtured to soften and nourish the cuticles promoting healthy nails and skin, resulting in thoroughly restored and renewed feet that refresh and rejuvenate the whole body.

LI’TYA Polama Boorang (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Ocean Mist’)  
This treatment begins with a skin softening hand soak using Sea Salts and essential oils of Frangipani and Ylang Ylang to soften and cleanse the hands, followed by a skin smoothing Mother of Pearl exfoliation to regenerate and exfoliate the skin. An application of our Tasmanian Kelp mask will deliver supreme nourishment to the skin finishing off with a blissfully relaxing full arm and hand massage.
LI’TYA Polama Kurrawa (Name origin Ya-idt’midtung Victoria – means ‘Beauty from the Sea’) Rescue tired, rough and parched hands with this intensive soothing, and replenishing treatment for hands and lower arms. Beginning with a skin softening hand soak using Sea Salts and essential oils of Frangipani and Ylang Ylang, followed by a skin smoothing Mother of Pearl exfoliation to renew and regenerate before the application of a deep nourishing mask using Tasmanian Kelp to leave skin soft. To complete, a hand massage for lower arms and hands that removes every ounce of stress. A nail shaping and cuticle tidy ensure that hands look as good as they feel and if you wish an application of your choice of nail colour for extra glamour.