The EARTH element is largely understood as the centre of grounding. Inspired by our mineral rich lands Li’Tya utilizes clays, peat mud and wild harvested native botanicals naturally rich in essential minerals, potent antioxidants and key vitamins to form our unique skin care line and spa treatments. Our sensory journeys of aroma, touch and taste are paired with results driven botanical formulations to provide an all-encompassing wellness experience. We have drawn on the gift of Indigenous Australian plant knowledge and touch therapies from the ‘Ya-it’ midtung’ people and created a line of active skin care and exceptional treatments that work on both physical and energetic levels to unify body, mind and spirit with the land.

LI’TYA MIKIRI (Name origin Diyari Northern South Australia - means ‘Deep’)  
This tailor- made facial treatment is prescribes as an intensive boost for all skin types, customised to target specific skin conditions. Two specialised masks are applied during this treatment to focus on skin purification and hydration. Using a combination of Australian ingredients such as LillyPilly and Wild Rosella rich in vitamin C, fruit acids and protein this treatment will restore and revitalize your skin.
LI’TYA MIRRI (Name origin Paakantyi Western NSW – means ‘Face’)  
Integrating Australian native ingredients such as Lillypilly, Tasmanian Kelp and Macadamia, this is an ideal pick me up treatment to cleans and nourish your skin. Perfect after a long flight, late nights, or whenever skin could benefit from a boost of TLC, the LI’TYA MIRRI Facial is a particular favourite for busy clients or to combine with other treatments.
LI’TYA YIRRI (Name origin Wiradjuri NSW - means ‘My Face’)  
This dynamic results driven facial will leave your skin purified, hydrated and velvety smooth. This treatment combines Australian native ingredients such as Tasmanian kelp, Wild Rosella and Old man weed extract and is packed with antioxidants and nourishes with deeply penetrating botanical oils. These are delivered through potent treatment elixirs and specialised herbal masks and infused with therapeutic massage techniques to optimise the delivery of botanical actives as well as stimulate circulation and regeneration. This facial is targeted to anyone needing a complete skin boost.
DIHLBI FACIAL TREATMENTS (Name origin Bundjalong Northern Rivers NSW – means ‘Early Morning Dew’)
Regenerate and revive with this antioxidant packed facial. Drawing upon some of Australia’s most powerful botanical extracts through modern extraction methods this facial delivers deep cellular support and nourishment. Utilising LI’TYA’s advanced Dihlbi age defying serum to firm and brighten followed by a rhythmic pressure point facial massage with the nourishing Vitality Vitamin Cream mask packed with vitamins A, C & E. You will see an instant glow and visible long lasting hydration.
A facial treatment with bio active formulas utilising the power of Banksia flower, Kakadu Plum and Native Fragonia. The skin is supported at a cellular level with the luxurious age defying serum targeting visible signs of aging. An intensive bi-phase mask is applied to reduce inflammation and stimulates cellular renewal, leaving the skin toned and visibly luminous with this ultimate restorative facial therapy.

LI’TYA LOWANNA (Name origin Northern Territory – means ‘Beautiful’)  
This exceptional treatment combines three of the most popular LI’TYA treatments in wonderful unison to create a deluxe pampering experience. Included is the LI’TYA MIJI JINA foot treatment, LI’TYA MIJI POLAMA hand treatment and the LI’TYA MIRRI facial. This is a perfect combination for those in need of some serious pampering. Caring for all the zone therapy areas – hands, feet and head, it will recharge the body and enhances overall radiance.
LI’TYA MALA MAYI (Name origin Ngadjon Far North Queensland – means ‘Clan Food’)  
Unwind, invigorate and celebrate with this complete body rejuvenation experience. After a restorative exfoliation with your choice of Australian Desert Salts and Aromatic Oils your body will be cocooned in a warm layer of your chosen mineral rich body mud. An Aboriginal inspired LI’TYA PAUDI scalp treatment massage allows you to drift away to another realm. Your treatment is completed with an uplifting rhythmic LI’TYA KODO full body massage to release any remaining tension and leave your skin deeply nourished and renewed from head to toe.
LI’TYA MARMA MALA MAYI (Name origin Ngadjon Far North Queensland – means ‘Mother Clan Food’)  
Unwind, invigorate and celebrate with this complete nurturing experience. First energise and nourish with a gentle full body exfoliation. Then calm and nourish the body, cocooned in warm Mapi Body Mud which cleanses and delivers essential nutrients to the skin, whilst you experience Aboriginal massage techniques in the LI’TYA Paudi scalp treatment. Refresh with water therapy, and then surrender any remaining tensions to a rhythmic LI’TYA Marma Kodo massage. A truly blissful escape for any Mum to be.

The unseen vibration of creation’- In the beginning was the Dreaming, the unseen vibration of creation – the sacred source from where all things are.

LI’TYA YANKO (Name origin Northern Territory – means ‘Song of Running Water’)  
With your choice of Australian native aromatic oils blended with Desert Salts to exfoliate, this full body energising scrub will invigorate and cleanse the skin. Followed by a warm water massage to wash away stresses of the outside world and then our application of Cherry Alder body lotion, your skin will be left silky smooth and supple. This is a sensory experience for the body which leaves skin invigorated and glowing.
LI’TYA YANKO JINDALEE (Name origin Northern Territory – means ‘Song of Running Water on Skin’). 
An energizing full body exfoliation therapy to recharge, cleanse and revitalize the body. With your choice of one of our Australian Native Aromatic Oils blended with our Desert Salts, your skin will be will be left cleansed and purified. A warm water massage washes away the stresses of the outside world before an application of hydrating Cherry Alder Body Lotion to leave you skin silky smooth. LI’TYA YANKO JINDALEE includes a tailored result driven facial treatment designed to deeply cleanse, plump, smooth and hydrate the skin. The mind melting LI’TYA PAUDI scalp massage with our nourishing Quandong hair mask eases the body of any remaining stress and tension. A truly superior experience for the face and body.
Relax, revitalize and rejoice with our signature treatment to reconnect the body, mind and soul, from head to toe.  
The ritual includes LI’TYA MIJI JINA Foot, LI’TYA MALA MAYI body wrap, LI’TYA KODO Body massage, LITYA PAUDI Head massage, LI’TYA MIRRI Facial and LI’TYA MIJI POLAMA hand treatment. Surrender yourself to the ultimate renewal and potency of this experience through the power of nourishing Australian native plant essential oils and extracts, cleansing earth ochre’s and purifying desert salts. Embracing traditional Aboriginal healing techniques these deeply therapeutic treatments work to nurture, revive and restore. The Dreaming is a truly all-encompassing treatment journey.

LI’TYA MIJI JINA (Name origin Yindjibarndi NW Australia – means ‘Little Footprint’)  
Soak away tension and treat your feet to this wonderfully relaxing and grounding treatment. Begin with a skin softening Australian native flower foot bath soak followed by an invigorating Desert Salt exfoliation to remove rough skin. Our warming Pepperberry foot mask is then applied to hydrate and soften the skin. Complete with a decadent foot massage, this foot treatment will rejuvenate the entire body and whilst melting away tension stored in your legs and feet.
LI’TYA JINA / LI’TYA MARTA JINA (Name origin Yindjibarndi NW Australia – means ‘Footprint’)  
With our LI’TYA JINA, you will receive all aspects of the LI’TYA MIJI JINA as well as detailed nail and cuticle work. With our LI’TYA MARTA JINA you will receive all everything from our LI’TYA JINA along with your choice of a nail colour application.

LI’TYA POLAMA (Name origin Northern Queensland- means ‘Hands’)  
Rescue tired, rough and parched hands with this intensive soothing, and replenishing treatment for hands, nails and lower arms. It begins with nail detailing, followed by a skin softening hand soak using a gorgeous array of Australian native flowers and fruits. You are then treated to a skin smoothing Wattleseed exfoliation and cuticle work before the application of a deep nourishing mask using Tasmanian Kelp to leave skin soft and hydrated. To complete, a nurturing massage for lower arms and hands removes every ounce of stress!
LI’TYA MARTA POLAMA (Name origin Ngadjon Far North Queensland – means ‘Big Hand/Big Fingers’). 
With our LI’TYA MARTA POLAMA you receive all aspects of the LI’TYA POLAMA along with your choice of nail colour for extra glamour.